David Tyrer

David has a wealth of experience in dealing with all types of Revenue & Customs enquiry work. As a former Inspector of Taxes he spent over 25 years working for the Inland Revenue in a variety of roles, including District Inspector and Special Office in Liverpool. In 1989 he left the Inland Revenue and worked for KPMG as director of tax investigations. Two years later he set up Specialist Taxation Services, an independent firm acting for individuals and businesses who were the subject of VAT and tax investigations.

A notable success for his firm was the successful defence of a client in a Revenue prosecution during the mid-1990’s involving offshore bank accounts. David has a wide ranging portfolio of cases and is currently involved in a large criminal case involving false accounting, theft and collusion to defraud the public purse. His role in that case is to provide taxation and tactical advice to the legal team including leading QC’s and their juniors.

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