Offshore Services

Offshore Services

We currently offer the following services to offshore Trustees and Directors of offshore companies.

Health Checks

A review of client entities to ensure that the structure is tax compliant.

Consideration of what steps may need to be taken to regularise the structure and that of its beneficiary’s tax affairs, in the respective jurisdiction.

Provide the necessary ‘sign off’ should HMRC query the structure following receipt of  data from offshore jurisdictions under the Common Reporting Standards (OECD).

As a result of the work undertaken by the firm, we have developed a new and innovative on-line review process for offshore Trusts and Companies in order to determine if the structure is fully compliant with UK taxes.

Please click on the link below to access the online Offshore Trust and Company review system.

Online review

Other Services

  • Direct UK tax reporting
  • Preparation of income and capital gains pools
  • Remittance of income or gains for UK resident non-domiciled beneficiaries/individuals
  • Provision of services to settlors and beneficiaries
  • Bespoke ad-hoc advice and services

See also a more detailed list of services – click here

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